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Shirley Jane Temple was a renown, child actress best known for her contributions to American society. She acted during a time of economic hardship and she brought comfort and humor to all Americans. The young actress, with the help of her father and financial advisor, made up to 10,000 dollars a week (United States History). Now, companies that sold her merchandise also benefited financially from the adorable star. Above all, “little miss miracle” brought a sense of hope to her fellow countrymen with her dancing, acting, and singing skills (Biography). Throughout Shirley Temple’s life and career, she has received multiple awards for her influential contributions to society.
Shirley temple came into this world on April 23, 1928. Her parents, Gertrude and George Francis Temple, already had two other children and lived in Santa Monica, California. A couple of years after her birth, at age three and a half, she was enrolled into dancing school. Once she started going through her …show more content…

In fact, President Franklin D Roosevelt said, when trying to raise the public’s morale during an economic crisis, “as long as our country has Shirley Temple we will be alright” ( United States History). Furthermore, she helped our country working as a political advisor. Starting in 1976, she was the first female chief of protocol for the U.S., thus being in charge of all state department ceremonies, visits gifts, and she had to help resolve issues between foreign leaders and the U.S. ambassadors. Then in 1988, she was the only person to achieve the rank of honor from the U.S. Foreign Service Office (Democrat and Chronicle). She also received a life Achievement Award for her humanitarian accomplishments (Biography). Furthermore, she received honorary doctorate degrees from Santa Clara University, the College of Notre Dame, and Yale University. Likewise she inspired Andy Warhol, a famous artist (World Heritage

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