Julian Steele Police Misconduct Case

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The police misconduct case that will be reviewed today by police review board is the case of State V. Steele. “On May 26, 2009, police officer Julian Steele was indicted on ten
Counts, including abduction and intimidation, and sexual battery” (Supreme Court of Ohio, n.d). Julian Steele was an officer doing an investigation into robbery that occurred in a “Cincinnati neighborhood in 2009”. Officer Steele was accused of misusing his power to retrieve details about the robbery and sexual intercourse.

Police office Julian Steele begins his investigation with an arrest of Ms. Maxton three young children. He did so without her consent and he directed the school where the children were pick up from not to inform the mother (Ms. Maxton) of their whereabouts. Officer Steele continued with his misuse of power by interrogating the minors (without a parent) and using intimidation to get one of the minors to falsely confess to the crime. The teen was placed under arrest and charged with the robbery. It has been said that the next day officer Steele tells the school that he does not really believe the minor did the robbery (Lynch T., 2013). …show more content…

Maxton) of the minor in custody. He meets the mother at her apartment then claims that he want to help the mother get her child released from juvenile detention for a sexual encounter with the mother (Lynch T., 2013). The mother had sexual intercourse with Officer Steele believing that he would get the child released from the juvenile detention center, but later finds out that it was all a lie (Lynch T., 2013). The prosecutor learn about the aspect of this case and immediately push for the minor release with all charges

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