Juliet And Capulets And Characters Of Romeo And Juliet

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- A - 1. Capulet: He is the one who rules the Capulet Family in Verona and has a blood feud with the Family of Montagues. Romeo: He is handsome and also very young lad. He belongs to the Montague family, son of Montague and Lady Montague and fell in love with Juliet, daughter of Capulets without knowing that this love will be their end. Juliet: She is very pretty 14 years-old girl and daughter of Capulets. She is also in love with Romeo and they get married each other in a secret way. Tybalt: Cousin of Juliet. He is always ready to fight with Montagues because his furiousness against them makes him fight but this temper will cause his death. Nurse: She is the one who brought Juliet up from his birth to that day and she is also Capulets ' servant. Cousin Capulet: An old man who belongs to Capulet Family. Servingmen: They are the ones who serve for Capulets. Setting composes of the feast at the household of Capulets in Verona and the time is 15th and 16th century(Renaissance Period) At the very beginning of the scene, we read the conversations between the some servingmen. That night, there will be a feast at the house of Capulets and these servingmen talk about the preperations for the feast. It is argued that which task will be done and which one will do that. Romeo and his kinsman and friends also will attend the feast to entertain. Capulet makes an opening speech humorously and in fact, some sentences of his speech show that cheerful and cozy atmosphere has a command of
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