Julius Caesar Should Brutus Join

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Should Brutus Join Turning on a friend is a decision you never want to make but for Brutus it is a decision he has to make. Brutus has been brought into a tough situation; he has to decide whether or not he should rebel against Caesar and join the conspiracy or not, and Caesar, unlike the other people of Rome, can think for himself and does not have to rely on someone else for their opinion. He does not see that he is too hard headed and that will cause him major problems. Caesar has taken his power to a different level and really does not care about the people of Rome, he cares about his fame and what will benefit him. Brutus and the conspirators on the other hand can see that Caesar is becoming too powerful and they need to do something …show more content…

Brutus should also think more for himself which he does but he also fell into Cassius’s conspiracy very easily. The conspiracy does a good job on getting Brutus to join because he is seen high in the Roman people and they will listen to him just as much as they would listen to Caesar. Brutus decides to do this not to be the next leader but he wants what is best for the Roman people. He could care less about the fame, as long as the city of Rome is thriving Brutus is happy. Brutus would also be a good leader for Rome if he wanted to be, considering he wants Rome to thrive and not have an ignorant leader. Although taking Caesar down seems like the right thing to do there are many other opinions on it. Brutus could simply just talk to Caesar about the situation and try to resolve it but he does not know how Caesar will react, he might turn on Brutus and kill him or put him in jail. The conspiracy also never really gives a good reason they should execute Caesar. They only say that he is gaining too much power and that he needs to be taken

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