Juvenile Detention: A Brief Summary

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It starts with a phone call from an unknown caller at 3:29 in the morning. Jamie answers his phone but he hears nothing on the other side. He is unsettled but goes back to bed. Two years ago, Jamie’s sister Cate was sentenced to juvenile detention for burning down a neighbor’s horse barn and accidentally hurting a high school friend. Cate had always been a good girl growing up but things started changing leading up to her arrest: she became restless and moody, started to take drugs, to act up, to lie and to steal. Above all, she became scary. Upon learning that his sister has been released from juvenile detention, Jamie knows, he knows that she was the one who made that call. Immediately, his hands stop working. Immediately, all the semblance of normalcy crumbles at his feet. Because he knows she is coming back. She is coming back for him. Jamie wonders if their shared, traumatic childhood – their mother killed in an armed robbery gone wrong, in front of their very eyes when they were little – has finally caught up to Cate. Now that Jamie is finally feeling better, living a normal life after years of therapy and treatment maybe it’s time for Cate to finally go crazy. Or maybe, maybe it’s not like that at all. Maybe the truth is something else altogether, hidden in lost memories, unspoken truths, slanted self-image and unreliable narratives. …show more content…

About 2 years ago I was arrested for a possession charge and taken to jail and when I got out it was weird going home it was like no one wanted me around because I was a trouble maker and didn’t appreciate the things that where given to me before I went to jail. It makes me rethink a lot of things and realize I’m grateful for the things I have now. I’m thankful that god gave me a second chance and brought me to this small town to start over and make a better person of

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