Juveniles Dont Deserve Life Sentences Analysis

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A kid is a kid until the age of eighteen, then in the eyes of the law they are legally an adult. So why do the court systems trial a juvenile as an adult at the age of thirteen or fourteen? Mistakes are made and when the courts put kids behind bars for a life sentence and are not giving them the chance to change. To these juveniles, being sentenced to life is a slap in the face says to them that they will never have the chance of fixing or learning from that mistake that they have made. That they have to face a life sentence and have that burden on them forever. Why are the courts not listen to the plea, the body language or the confusong looks that they receive from the juvenile when they receive their sentence. Someone who is older than reighteen should…show more content…
They should be the ones receiving a long term sentences, not children. A life sentence is an awful thing give to a child whose brain is not developed fully in the right and wrong thinking area. In the article “Juveniles Dont Deserve Life Sentences” by Gail Garinger, she states that “young people are biologically different from adults”. The difference between an adults brina and a teens brain is that at the age of twenty-five an adults rain is considered to be fully developed whereas a teens
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