Katherine And Allison: A Case Study

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Katherine and Allison (24) grew up in a two-parent home in a rural Minnesota town, Blooming Prairie. Their parents are Brett (44) and Lisa (46) Bell. Lisa and Brett met in college and have been married for 25 years. Brett is college educated and works for a small financial company. Lisa has her own small business selling beauty products, but Katherine reports the business is not doing well. Before Lisa started her own business she worked at a corporate office in Minneapolis. Katherine finds her dad to be very controlling and does not appreciate her mother’s submissiveness. Katherine has had a poor relationship with her father since she was a child, she claims he is violent and she tried to avoid him as she grew up. Katherine talks to mother on the phone about once a week, but she has not spoken to her father since she revealed her pregnancy. Katherine’s parents do not agree with her decision to keep her child, which has created even more tension in their relationship. …show more content…

Allison is studying theatre at New York University. Katherine has not spoken to Allison in little over a year. Allison and Katherine had a falling out after Allison made an unexpected visit to Katherine’s home and found her and her roommates smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol and snorting cocaine. Katherine claims Allison has always been favored by their parents and that she has always felt shadowed by her. She claims that they fought frequently throughout their childhood. Allison is still in-touch with Brett and Lisa and Lisa keeps Katherine up-to-date on Allison’s life. Lisa reports that Allison is angry about Katherine’s

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