Kazuo Ishiguro's A Pale View Of Hills

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A Pale View of Hills
Kazuo Ishiguro is a novelist born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1954. He came to Britain in 1960 and continued his study in University of Kent at Canterbury and the University of East Anglia. And now he settles in London. He has written several well known novels. In 1996 one of the novels was chosen for the Booker Prize and won the Whitbread Book of the year, namely An Artist of the Floating World. But before it, in 1989 one of his novels entitled The Remains the Day won the Booker Prize too. A Pale View of Hills is his first and well known novel. This novel is consisted of eleven chapters.
Etsuko is the first person omniscient in this novel because she explained everything that happened in the story. She is a housewife living
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Jiro was a businessman. He used to play chess after he came from the office with his father or Etsuko used to call him as Ogata-san. Ogata-san was a wise man. He used to talk about trending topics with Jiro while they played chess. And he always asked about how was Jiro’s work in his office. He also often gave Jiro advice about problem in his work and advice in maintaining coherent strategies in playing chess.
Also in the story Etsuko tells about Mrs. Fujiwara. She was a kind woman with hair that was by then turning grey. In the story there is a conversation between Etsuko and Mrs. Fujiwara that says “As she sat down again, Mrs. Fujiwara reached over and touched my stomach. “It’s beginning to show now,” she said. “You must take good care from now on” “. From that conversation can be concluded that she really cares about Etsuko. And in other part of story Ogata-san came to Mrs. Fujiwara’s noodle shop. There Mrs. Fujiwara offered Ogata-san some food once he got there.
In the end of the story Niki prepared herself to back to London. She said that unlike in London, living in Japan is really quiet. But her mother said that her house is really like London which she had imagines would be. Niki start to get to the gate. And Etsuko actually wanted to accompany her until the rail station but she thought it would be a bad idea. So Etsuko only accompany Niki just to the door way. Etsuko smiled and waved to
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