Kidney Organ Sale Thesis Statement

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Sentence Outline Reconsideration of the Sale of Kidney Organ for Transplant Purposes Thesis: Although a number of people believe that the sale of kidney organ for transplantation is acceptable, the researchers still believe that it is improper taking into consideration religious, ethical, political and practical concerns and principles. Introduction: Kidney organ sale is the trade involving the inner human organ (kidneys) for organ transplantation and profit. The problem with the sale of human organs is the widespread of illegal trafficking and the health risks on the donor and the recipient. Kidney organ sale is improper taking into consideration religious, ethical, political and practical concerns and principles, although a number…show more content…
A deceased donor is someone who is already dead. B. A living donors is someone that is conscious and aware of everything around him/her. C. A brain-dead donor is neither conscious but aware of everything around him/her. D. A donor in a persistent vegetative state is conscious but is not aware of everything around him/her. III. There are arguments against Kidney organ sale that should be considered. A. Religious sectors condemn kidney sale. B. Ethicists think that kidney sale is immoral. C. The sale is an illegal practice highly prohibited by the law. D. The sale is a process of unsecured planning. IV. There are arguments for kidney organ sale as being favorable to be undertaken. A. The sale of your own kidneys is your decision. B. The life-saving aid of kidney organ sale is valuably perceived by people. C. The financial benefits given by kidney organ sale are sought after by those who need monetary provision. V. Survey on Selected Second Year Medical Technology Students of Silliman University Conclusion: This research paper has shown that although most respondents settled for the regulation of the sale and believed it to be altruistic; it is still impractical due to its high risks; unlawful due to its constitutional prohibitions; and unethical and irreligious due to the commodification and commercialization of the human
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