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King David was a very important man in ancient times for many different reasons. For example, he was king of Israel for 40 years, he killed the notorious giant named goliath in the war between the Israelites and the philistines, and he is responsible for bringing the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. He lived for a total 70 years, was born in 907 BC and died in 837 BC. Most people know King David as David from David and goliath but as I said, he did much more than that in his lifetime. I’ll begin my speech by talking about his days before he became a king and what most people might not know about him. David was the eighth and youngest son of Jesse from the tribe of Judah. The way that David first came to live in Israel was because he was invited to live there by King Saul. The purpose in which Saul had to invite David into Israel is because King Saul…show more content…
While David was off fighting the Amalekites the king and his son were killed. When David returned back to Israel he was anointed as king, he then ruled for a total of 40 years, from 1010 to 970 BC. Meanwhile another king was crowned to rule over Israel. He and David fought for many years. Later the two kings met and made a pact that David could be king of all of Israel, but after David left his advisor and army commander killed the other king without David’s approval. At this time King David had already served for seven years. Another thing that King David is well known for is that he had control of the Ark of the Covenant and wanted to build a temple for god’s glory in its honor, but he could not because he was a warrior and had shed blood. King David originally brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, which David had established as the capital of Israel. It was up to his son, Solomon, to build the temple, without help from King David. Also, King David, before he died, gave all his personal wealth to the funding of the
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