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Prince Hamlet was a hero. Despite all the drama he went through but it was worth it at the end because it showed everybody THE REAL King Claudius. Hamlet WAS rude to the king, mean to his mom and lover, and killed Polonius. People do some dumb, crazy things and they all for a good reason, well except some people because they are crazy period but in the movie Hamlet had a reason to seek revenge, to be mad at everybody, to have a grudge. Hamlet had just lost his father and then his mother married the late King Hamlet's brother in less than 2 months. Wow, that is crazy. Then Hamlet later found out from the ghost, that his father murder wasn’t just an accident, it was intentionally. Claudius had poured poisonousness in King Hamlet's ear. …show more content…

He like one of those child who want everything in peace and when his father died and his mother married his brother, that peace just broke. This is what Hamlet have to deal with after his death. “The king he suspects of treachery, his mother he accuses of weakness and folly, his lover Ophelia betrays him and spies for her father Polonius, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are convenient hirelings ready to escort Hamlet to his death”, said Kalpakgian. The real bad guy here is Claudius, if it wasn’t for Claudius none of this foolishness would be going on and everybody else would be alive. Claudius have this addiction for badness and greediness and like he can’t control it because as in Kalpakgian article “Even though his first artful plot to have Hamlet executed in England is foiled by Hamlet’s sleeplessness during the night when he awakes and “rashly” opens the packets with the order for his death (“And praised be rashness for it”), Claudius devises two other stratagems to eliminate Hamlet. For the diversion of the court he proposes a dueling match between Hamlet and Laertes, a contest in which Laertes’ rapier is poisoned at the tip to deal a fatal blow from even the slightest scratch. Even more deviously Claudius also puts poison in the chalice of Hamlet’s cup that he will drink for

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