Theories Of King Tut's Death

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King Tut, one of the greatest and youngest Pharaoh’s that existed within Ancient Egypt. He became Pharaoh at the age of nine. One of the most recent questions asked about this pharaoh, is how did he die at such a young age? Historical investigators may never know exactly what killed Tut, but there is evidence suggesting what might have occurred. Some theories which can point to the king’s death include, of king tut’s x-rays of showing he got damaged in his body. King tut’s illnesses, and another one of my 3 theories is king tut’s his x-rays on his body.

One of my theories of why king tuts may have died is. When he got hit with a dagger I say this because if you go look at his x-ray scientist even stated that, the separation between these two …show more content…

Also, it is normal for a 9-year-old to get sick at their age while growing up so I am not surprised king tuts may have died from an illness. AAlso, thousands of years after king tut died. Here in 2018 people get sick every day it 's a part of life to grow and get sick sometimes. So imagine back then there was no medicine. Another detail that proves king tut could of died from a illnesses is from the dust and oils that were poured on him to prepare him for his mummy and that could 've been it because he got germs in his body and possibility there was no cure so he sadly died at the process of making his mummy. king tut’s got sick he might have died and that is a possibility of why king tut could have died so at such an early …show more content…

Also another detail to prove my theory is on a recent discovery in 2013 by Dr.Chris Naunton after he took an autopsy on king tut’s mummified corpse he discovered that the boy had broken bones in his right foot and had shattered his right kneecap as well, as several shattered ribs and a broken pelvis. (hips) So how come this is true because for a fact king tut’s may have got injured in a chariot crash, because if he didn 't how did he break all these bones? And if it was common for Chariot races why wouldn 't a 9-year-old? Wanna do it if he had no rules he was a pharaoh he was the king of Egypt he could have done whatever he wanted!Another detail that proves he could of died in a crash is he got kicked of a horse because in egypt it was shown that riding horses was a thing so maybe the horse got out of control and sadly kicked him out and he may of opened his chest from the injury or got his arms cut..So I think this is a reason of why King tut 's could have died at such a young age.

In conclusion this is why I think king tut 's could have died at such a young age I think my three theories with evidence is well proven with good facts and good evidence it has been viewed by scientist and doctors

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