Kristen Schilt's Penis Panics

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To relate her study to other findings, it only seems fair to use the piece written by Laurel Westbrook, (and herself) Kristen Schilt. This reading is called “Penis Panics: Biological Maleness, Social Masculinity, and The Matrix of Perceived Sexual Threat.” This reading is being compared to her book because it shows a lot of similarities with her outcomes. Although this does not look at the field of work, it does shed light on their everyday lives and actions. To be specific, this reading points out that even being transgender comes with unfairness. Society has made their own beliefs which seem to go along the lines that trans men are harmless, but trans women are potentially harmful. As stated in the reading, it seems trans women are looked…show more content…
A scholarly article called “Voices from Beyond: A Thematic Content Analysis of Transgender Employee’ Workplace Experiences” written by Melanie E. Brewster, Annelise Mennicke, Brandon L. Velez, and Elliot Tebbe talks about how transgender people have had positive or negative actions in their workplace. These people were either transitioning while at their workplace or already transitioned. The transgender people who had negative experiences were more stressed and continually had anxiety about going to work. Their co-workers rejected them, and they were feeling discriminated. An example of this was being abused verbally, or even getting outed (if they did not want others to know right away). Oppositely, others have had positive experiences, which has made their work life easier. Co-workers were open and friendly to their changes and offered helpful feedback to maintain an easy lifestyle while transitioning. There was no judgement which made them feel accepted and at ease. This study connects to Schilts book because it shows how transgender inequality is a huge issue. Admitting that this does not look at trans women vs. trans men, it does represent everyone as a whole. The ignorance that some people have is large and it shows their fears and
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