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Nature is one of the most important factors that has a huge effect on the people to make them travel to a place. Kurdistan region has an amazing natural views, which it counts as one of the most beautiful places in the middle east as its famous with a nice four sessions. Snowing in winter and hot in summer. The sky is blue and mountains make a huge impact on people is attention, especially for those who are near from he region as the southern part of Iraq, which people always come to visit Azmar and Gwayzha mountains to spend great time there. Another fact about how the natural views are an important factor is the river of Dukan, which people come from different places to see it and spend days there to have an amazing time with family and friends. The government helps the region by developing it and making it look more attractive for the tourist to visit the area and get to know…show more content…
Suliman is considered as the most visited city in Iraq, which most of the Iraqi people especially in the southern part visit it every month for the purpose of spending a great time with the family. Sulimany is unique, not like the other Kurdish cities, because of the fact that the Kurdish people who are living in Sulimany are too understanding, open and friendly in terms of treating people. Another important point about sulimany is nature there. Sulimany has one of most beautiful natural views like mountains, weather and green lands. Piramagroon and Azmar ar the two most famous mountains in the region, which there are always too many people visiting it to take pictures and spend a great time there. The weather is mostly perfect with a snow and rain in winter, hot in summer and warm and nice in spring. Nawroz day is another important thing which it is a traditional party day for the kids to spend a great time there. People visit Kurdistan and celebrate with the Kurdish people every year on the

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