Egg Osmosis In Egg Lab Report

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Eggs Being Observed Under Osmosis Using shell less or decalcified eggs and putting them under different solutions of water, it shows how osmosis (the movement of water from high to low concentrations) works inside a cell. These solutions will show how osmosis transfers water in different concentrations. IN addition to representing how osmosis works, this experiment will also show isotonic (balanced), hypotonic (bloated), and hypertonic (shrunken) conditions. The main hypotheses for this experiment involved sugar being absorbed through the egg membrane using diffusion when put into a sugary solution and water being absorbed through osmosis when put into a solution. Materials for this experiment include: eggs, apple cider vinegar, water…show more content…
The initial hypothesis of sugar being absorbed by diffusion was completely false as the only substances that went in or out of the shell was water. The second hypothesis of water being absorbed however, was partially true as when the egg was submerged in water, it indeed absorbed some of the water outside of the shell, but when placed in the syrup solution, it actually lost water. Because of how osmosis transports water, the egg will either gain or lose water depending on the concentration of water near it. No mistakes were made in this…show more content…
This change was the result of osmosis, the movement of water from high to low concentrations, losing mass when the concentration outside the shell was low and vice versa. In addition to showing osmosis, the egg also shows how osmosis plays a part in creating hypotonic and hypertonic states in cells, as the egg’s membrane is similar to that of a cell membrane. Osmosis is not only important in cells, but also explains why salt water shouldn’t be consumed and why our skin gets wrinkly, as water moves from high to low concentrations. In order to improve the accuracy of this experiment, a higher sample size, larger amounts of solutions and better controlled environments should be

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