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Exploration Title: Effect of Temperature on rate of Osmosis Submitted By: Abdulkarim Kamal Date Submitted: October 19th 2015 Subject: Biology HL Teacher: Mr. Nick Aim: This is an investigation to determine the relation between temperature of a solution (sucrose) and the rate of osmosis Scientific Context: Osmosis is defined a passive transport process in which a fluid diffuses across a semi-permeable membrane, from an area of high solute concentration to an area of low solute concentration and vice-versa. There are various factors that could potentially influence the rate of osmosis; these factors include volume, concentration, and temperature. If all external factors that may interfere with rate of osmosis are controlled, the results will show equal amounts of fluid on both sides of the barrier (membrane); this is known as an “isotonic” state. For this lab I will be using water and sucrose to demonstrate the rate of osmosis. In this lab I will be exploring how temperature impacts the rate of osmosis by placing pieces of potato of equal size in solutions of different temperatures and observing the change in mass of potato after a given period of time. The change in mass will indicate the rate of osmosis. In reference to a study conducted by Irfan Nadiadi and Sarah Mugharbil (2007), the end results of …show more content…

When temperature is increased, the amount of obtainable energy increases; meaning that particles will move at faster pace at a higher temperature. Thus rate at which molecules diffuse will progressively speed up as the temperature increases. However if temperature of solution is decreased the rate of osmosis will decrease and rate at which molecules diffuse will be significantly less than that of higher

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