Lambda Sigma Personal Statement

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My greatest accomplishment was achieving the highest level of Hawaiian language at my former private Hawaiian school. Before I was accepted into my former school for seventh grade, I always had a passion for learning the Hawaiian language. My family spoke basic Hawaiian phrases, which inspired me to fluently learn my mother tongue. I then applied to Kamehameha Schools—a school that teaches students fluent Hawaiian. My passion to learn Hawaiian language motivated me to try me best during the testing and interview process. When I began Hawaiian classes in seventh grade, it frustrated me because many of the students knew how to speak Hawaiian much more fluently than me. This empowered me to continue studying every night to master the language.…show more content…
I also want to connect and conduct leadership and service roles with other members who have the same passion as me by extending our service to the community. It would be a great leadership opportunity for me to actively engage in activities and programs that exhibit servant leadership on behalf of Pace University. I believe that this honor society will enhance my leadership skills by creating a community based on benevolence and compassion. I believe that my personality and passion for servant leadership would benefit Lambda Sigma because I love to engage in community service. I am also from a very diverse environment, in which I can bring a new perspective to this community based off of values that I cherish in my every day life such as hōʻihi (respect), kuleana (responsibility), haʻahaʻa (humility), and mālama (to care). Another value that I have introduced my current leadership team—Setters Leadership and House—was kahiau, which means to give back to the community without expecting anything in return. I can demonstrate my commitment to this society by being actively involved with events that we plan or attend. I will also share my values and incorporate these values in activities that we do to empower each other through academics, leadership and service. Advocating about my values is a form of leadership that I like to share with others to introduce them to my culture and the values that I stand by. I also want to be involved in planning events to empower not only Lambda Sigma, but the Pace community and Pleasantville
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