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Nutrition Landscape Information System (NLIS)
The NLIS is one of the component or part of the Landscape Analysis; second component is the countries readiness to accelerate nutrition action and third is in-depth country assessments. NLIS is a network-based or simply internet-based tool which provides nutrition related information and some useful data about health and development in different countries under the country’s profile. This data is formatted by UNICEF for causes of malnutrition and gives an outline about country’s development, nutrition and health at national level. The data is drawn from the available databases. Sources include:
• World Health Organization (WHO)
• UN Development Programme (UNDP)
• United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
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Pakistan is one of these 36 countries facing chronic under nutrition. To assess readiness certain indicators are developed using the backup or secondary data and through in-depth country assessments.
NLIS Country Profile: Pakistan
Malnutrition in children Underweight, stunting, wasting and overweight
These indicators are used to measure nutritional imbalance resulting in under nutrition (assessed from underweight, wasting and stunting) and overweight. Child growth is internationally recognized as an important indicator of nutritional status and health in indicators.
• Underweight: weight for age < –2 standard deviations (SD) of the WHO Child Growth Standards median • Stunting: height for age < –2 SD of the WHO Child Growth Standards median • Wasting: weight for height < –2 SD of the WHO Child Growth Standards median
• Overweight: weight for height > +2 SD of the WHO Child Growth Standards median
The graph below shows the prevalence of malnutrition in children

Low birth
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Births take place in different places from home to hospitals. WHO does not give a proper recommendation for birth area however, for normal births at home a skilled person is required with proper equipments and information in case of an emergency. The lives of many women’s can be saved by health interventions in developing countries that are taken for granted by people of developed countries such as the presence of skilled health personnel at delivery. It is one of the eight goals of Millennium Development Goals to improve maternal

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