Lantau Island Case Study

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Lantau Island is the largest outlying island of Hong Kong with 70% of undeveloped area, but along with the completion of several mega constructions in the coming future, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) and the third runway of the Hong Kong International Airport, the development of Lantau has stirred up the tension with local residents again. According to the suggestion of Lantau Development Advisory Committee, the Lantau will be positioned as a multi-purpose hub of the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) region, including international transport, logistics and trade, also an important natural wealth of Hong Kong. Additionally, the central waters would be designed as a strategic growth area with a new metropolis. Precisely, the Northern Lantau, which covering most of the major facilities in Lantau as Hong Kong International Airport, Disneyland and AsiaWorld-Expo ,will be used for leisure and economic development to offer high end services, tourism and entertainment activities and business functions. The Eastern Lantau is planned to reclaim more artificial islands for developing one…show more content…
As the committee has much influence in the future development of Lantau, but all of the members are from the business sector or professions (Lantau Development Advisory Committee, 2015); it seems that the opinion from the Lantau residents is not being emphasized. Thus, if the local residents can be the part of the committee, information can be exchanged among the government and residents without any distortion plus the involvement of the local residents will be increased, and the article stated that ‘community involvement in tourism development have become an ideology of tourism planning’ (Prentice, 1993). Optimistically, the tension between local residents and tourism development can be

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