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Larry bird once said, “First master the Fundamentals.”(“ Larry Bird Quotes”). NBA in the 80s
Larry bird has mastered the fundamentals and become one of the best players to play the game of basketball.since he first began playing as a child , in college,then in the NBA and retiring as a Legend.
Living in poverty was one of Larry Bird's motivators for playing basketball and trying to make a better life for himself. Bird was born on December 7,1956( cite) Bird was raised by Joe and Georgie Bird .(cite) Bird was 4TH out of 6 children born in his family. One of Birds biggest Influences for him to start playing basketball was ,him trying to get out of poverty and also from his dad killing himself when Bird was 18. Bird started to play …show more content…

Bird had attended indiana and then dropped out,because he felt trepidation about how big the school was.the following year had enrolled in Indiana State. While Bird was at Indiana State he led the sycamores to an NCAA championship game against hi s long time rival Magic Johnson.Sadly Larry bird lost that game to Magic,but prior that year Bird left to enter the NBA draft.Bird left college with the USBWA College player of the year award ,also the Naismith award and the wooden award,and was also played the 5th all time college scoring in the NCAA. Bird was pick 6th overall by the Boston Celtics. Bird spent 13 years as a Celtics( bird ). He made the NBA All Star Team 12 years just missing out on one year due to an injury. Bird was also name NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 1982( bird). Larry bird won only 3 championships in 5 appearances thought out his 13 years as a Celtics.( spending 13 years with the Celtics Larry Bird decided to retire in 1992. ( Bird).After Bird retired he decided to go into the coaching business.He took his first job as an assistant for the Celtics.He had this job for 5 years,after 5 years Bird stepped down and took a coaching job for the Indiana Pacers.while coaching Bird lead the Pacers to a franchise record of 58-24.doing that year he won Coach of the year,and also lead the Pacers to the

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