Laser Eye Surgery Research Paper

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Will stem cells be able to replace laser eye surgery completely in the future?

Stem cells will replace laser eye surgery completely in the future.

2.1 What are stem cells?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which are capable of giving rise to more cells of any type, and from which other kinds of cells can arise by differentiation. They are mother cells because they have the ability to self-renew or multiplying. Stem cells can become cells of the blood, heart, bones, eye, brain etc. There are two main types of stem cells, namely embryonic stem cells (retrieved from 3-5 day old embryos- this is during the blastocyst phase of embryological
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It involves the use of a laser to reshape the surface of the exterior eye. This could be done for a number of reasons, including myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism (uneven curvature of the eye’s surface). The laser doesn’t burn tissue, but instead vaporises small amounts of the cornea every time a beam of the laser is pulsed onto the surface of the eye. The specifications (i.e. the diameter of the laser beam and the number of pulses) are controlled using computer technology, and by doing so the surface of the cornea is…show more content…
The thin disc is then removed through a tiny incision and this results in the patient’s myopia being corrected. During this procedure no corneal flap is created and no corneal tissue is vaporised. The SMILE laser eye treatment is less disruptive to the corneal surface. The SMILE treatment is the new baby to the laser eye treatment family, but is said to become the next big

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