Who Is The Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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Leadership on the Island In the novel, Lord Of The Flies, when a group of boys get stranded after a plane crash. The boys must find a good leader and there’s only two good choices it’s between a self arrogant kid named Jack and a smart,peaceful, and kind boy named Ralph for some reason something happens and so their was also some other kids that are with them the names of the kids are piggy and Simon.The reason that some people think that jack is a good leader is that he get’s to hunt all day meaning that the tribe is getting to eat and the other characteristic is he doesn’t care about the rules and he is the reason why piggy and Simon are dead in the story and he was a mean leader by turning innocent kids on an island that are only try to …show more content…

And also Jack thinks that the rules are really stupid and thinks that everyone should just hunt for pigs and get food to survive and ralph is thinking the same things but believes that everyone should work together and build huts and even try to make some fire for a boat or a plane can see it and help them and get all of kids out of the island and go back home and jack is saying that all of the kids aren´t going to be rescued by anyone and that why jack is thinking that ralph should not be leader and jack wants the kids to vote him for leader and when no one wasn´t listening to him jack says that whoever wants to hunt to come with him and join his tribe.Then when jack says that some of the kids leave ralph group and some of them says sorry for leaving him and there was some of the kids stay with ralph even piggy of course because jack is mean to him and the reasons piggy thinks ralph is a better leader is because ralph made the conch a real important piece such as only the leader had it and when it came to talking out in the group you had to have the conch. And to lead the kids to do something about the island like what can the kids build to survive and to use the conch to make rules to control the kids from creating chaos between each …show more content…

¨Ralph-remember what we came for.The fire and my specs.¨ (Goldings pg.161) states that piggy and Ralph sticked together after the whole group broke up they stuck together.Jack-¨They could be the army or hunters¨ (Goldings pg.23) in this quote Jack is stating that jack wants the tribe system to be like a government. “I got the conch said piggy” “the conch doesn’t count on top of the Mountain” said Jack (Goldings pg.42) this quote is like if jack was a dictator by controlling all the kids and not letting them speak due to him being the

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