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Today the world is so focused on how we dress and how we do stuff in the society. I am going to talk about leaders who are effective in today’s society but in the book Lord of the Flies too. I am also going to mention who I would have followed if I was in the book Lord of the Flies. Leadership is a very big and important role to come by in today’s society. Most people say they can be good leaders but in reality they don’t really play out to make a good leader. Jack and Ralph are two of the main leaders in the book Lord of the flies. The most effective and consistent leader in the book is Ralph. He is always trying to find ways to make thing better and Jack on the other hand he is trying to do the same thing as Ralph is but Ralph is just doing it better. This kind of leadership is kind of like the two president’s into today’s election they both are trying to make the world better in their ways. Ralph is also very upfront with what he is saying for instance he say in the book “the thing is fear can’t you more than a dream” that is pretty up front with saying it doesn’t hurt you to dream and Jack is saying “I am going to make rules and who ever breaks them shall be punished” that isn’t what a good leader …show more content…

Ralph is like I said earlier upfront with his word, he is confident in his decisions and how he processes the things that have gone wrong. Jack is somewhat confident, he is also very strict and verse on what everyone does and how they do it if they do something wrong he says he will punish them as a developing leader or a leader yourself you have to have self-control on how you react to situations because something is going to go wrong every time and anyone can lead anyone out of a situation it’s the way you react and control the situation is what make a difference between a okay leader and a great

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