Ralph In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Although he is strong, Ralph also lacks leadership qualities. Ralph’s weaknesses are that he is too laidback and easygoing. In some cases punishment and authority are a must, but he does not like enforcing punishment on the boys when they disobey the rules he laid down. Every good leader needs to be able to let people know what they're doing wrong and if they keep doing it to fix it somehow. Other than struggling with punishment, Ralph has strong leadership skills. He needs Jacks skills on taking control and punishing the boys that disobey his orders. Contrary to Ralph’s leadership, Jack is a very powerful leader that has his tribe under control. He is not afraid to take charge and punish the disobedient. He takes responsibility into his hands …show more content…

Pros about Ralph being the leader in the beginning is, he is very reasonable, being rescued is the number one thing on his mind, and he does his best to tie everyone to society. From the beginning, Ralph makes it clear that he leans more towards democracy and wants everyone to have a say in what is done. Instead of using the conch to his own selfish advantage, Ralph uses it as a tool for attention. By holding the conch one has everyone’s attention and it is their time to speak. By doing this with the conch, and creating more of a democratic environment, Ralph made everyone feel involved and did his best to reason with the most of what everyone had to say. Ralph is very concerned about being rescued, this is another one of his strengths. In his concern, he has someone watching a rescue fire at all times throughout the day. When some of the boys decide to go hunt instead of watch the fire, a ship passes through and this causes Ralph to rage. His response to this shows the reader how important being rescued actually is to Ralph- who never fully forgives the boys for this. With his determination to be recused being another strength for Ralph, it also causes conflict between him and Jack. As the reader gets farther into the novel, raw human nature begins to take over and Ralph tries to prevent this by keeping everyone tied to society. By doing so, he

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