Leadership In Criminal Justice

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Criminal justice is said to be a system of practices and institutions of governments that are aimed at preventing crime in the society. Also, criminal justice is aimed at controlling crime. In addition, criminal justice helps maintain order in the society. Criminal justice helps punish people who have violated laws in the society using criminal penalties and rehabilitations. Most countries have established criminal justice systems. The criminal justices are similar as they play similar roles. All criminal justice are aimed at playing the roles above. The leadership strategies and practices used in criminal justice help employees in the organizations carry out their roles well.

Leadership strategies and practices provide the staff with the right knowledge to help them carry out their duties effectively. Behavioral theories help staff in criminal justice understand criminals by observing the behaviors depicted by the criminals. Apart from behavioral theory, criminal …show more content…

People define leadership differently. Leadership is said to be a process through which leaders influence other people in the organization by helping them achieve the objective. Several theories of leadership and leadership have been developed to explain leadership. For example, researchers have developed leadership styles like transformational leadership styles and transactional leadership styles. The leadership styles explain the different types of leadership that are found in organizations. The leadership styles are different and they have different effects and outcome. Leadership in any organization is important as it helps leaders guide the employees in achieving the goals set. Organizations that do not have good leadership strategies are not productive as they affect employee productivity. Also, the organizations have a wide range of problems like communication and interpersonal relationships (Purpura,

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