Leadership Styles Paper

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According to research, there are six leadership styles that spring from different components of emotional intelligence. These styles have a direct impact on the working atmosphere of the company and its financial performance. Effective leaders do not rely on one leadership style as they use multiple styles during a given week. The six leadership styles are coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, coaching, and pacesetting. The coercive leader has a very demanding personality. They demand immediate compliance with their orders best described as “do as I say, or else”. This style is useful for leaders when immediate action needs to be taken. Other examples of coercive leadership are overbearing, relentless, harsh, and ruthless (Money-Zine, 2015). The authoritative leader directs employees towards a vision. These leaders have the ability to see opportunities that could change the way people think. The affiliative leader …show more content…

When Chenault took over the helm in 2001, he realized that being the leader of a Fortune 500 company would not be easy. Chenault was viewed as a leader who could handle the pressure. He had a coaching style with charisma and warmth that allowed his employees to feel at ease to be a part of the team. He didn’t have too much of a commanding attitude, his employees described to be even tempered and fair (Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2010). One of Chenault’s greatest skills noted was his people skills. He also led his company with a democratic and authoritative leadership style. He was a warm and caring individual with a vision to motivate and lead his team while being criticized and humiliated. Chenault acknowledged the concept of teamwork. He considered himself the team leader, not the boss. He believed that an integral part of success is to share credit when credit is due (Heberling & Houghton,

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