Leonard Mead Conformism Analysis

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Conformity Essay The nature of conformity is following something without rejection, or accepting that there’s only one way one thing can be done. Leonard Mead is in a world where society is more like a blinded monkey with a knife in its hand. He is a nonconformist because he doesn’t live the normal lifestyle the rest of society lives. The rest of society repeats the same thing over and over without question, it’s like everyone is the same person. The rest of society’s relation to conformity is that they follow the norms and not question its impact on their daily life, whereas Leonard Mead doesn’t question the norms, he just does is his norms which is totally different from the rest of society’s but repeats them. Both of these subjects are harming themselves in the long run by doing the same thing over and over, this is what conformity is about. By…show more content…
He has been doing this for 10 years. In The Pedestrian it states “...and lights might click on and faces appear and an entire street be startled by the passing of a lone figure…”. This shows that the rest of society would be shocked to see someone doing the unusual, especially at that time of night. Leonard walks with sneakers instead of heels to prevent this type of reaction. Leonard enjoyed his nightly walks, he took in every detail possible while on his journey. In The Pedestrian it states “He listened to the faint push of his soft shoes through the autumn leaves with satisfaction and whistled a cold, quiet whistle between his teeth…”. This shows that Leonard a very in-the-moment kind of person because he is focused on the way he walks and the noise his shoes makes. Leonard seems as though he is at peace with his environment through the details he takes in as he's on his journey. Since that is not what the rest of society does, he is nonconforming and standing out, which catches attention from the
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