Leprosy Social Problem

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CHAPTER 1 1.1INTRODUCTION Leprosy is caused by mycobacterium called leprea. The Norwegian doctor amuer Hansen isolated the bacterium in 1875. Leprosy is also called hansen’s disease after him, although it is first human pathogenic bacterium causing disease in man, though it has not been cultured in laboratory (rees.r. 1939). A large number of people in this world are exposed to these dangerous diseases, some of the conditions are likely to harm the health and mental of the patients. The challenges of leprosy and the stigma following the diseases had been universal. The extent and size of the stigma varies from country to country depending on the level of the spread of the diseases. Leprosy has long been stigmatized because of visible deformities…show more content…
The stigmatization problem has considerable effects which influence negatively the day to day interaction of the disabled people with leprosy. These problems include social and personal problem. Social problem include societal discrimination in different social interaction and personal problems includingself-stigmatization of leprosy disabled people. When I say self-stigmatization it includes isolating their children or hiding their children regardless of their physical disfigurement or being discriminated from involving in any societal issues. There are studies conducted on the effects of stigma. For example, According to Scott 2000, self-stigmatization which affects individual with leprosy disease find difficult to value them and to have positive image. Therefore this study will focus more on the effects of stigmatization on both the patients and their family member, and also the interpersonal relationship they have with other community. Although the problem should be studied carefully in order to alleviate this stigma which by the way prior researches where not touched it well. 1.3REASEARCH…show more content…
The study will give practical insight to the situation of leprosy stigma. The study indicates the main social effects of leprosy disease in relation to patients, family members and other community and it was serve as secondary data for the government and those who want to work by similar topic. The community also gets much knowledge from this research that means the benefit of refraining society from stigma and discrimination in different social relation such as marriage, friendship and public

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