Lester Beall: The Modern Age Of Graphic Design

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The history of graphic design dates back to the middle ages when it was used to decorate manuscripts and enhance the reading experience. From woodcuts to gold leaf inlaid works on a handwritten bible, graphic design beautified texts to gather the reader’s attention and deliver subtle messages. This trend evolved with the birth of printing press and graphic design long before the birth of computers became an important aspect of printing and designing.
Fast forward to 20th century and graphic design took a much more different form. First it was called graphic design for the first time in 1922 and second, it started becoming a form of art with the sole aim of delivering a message. Unlike traditional art where a painter expressed his vision by means of painting, graphic designers used their craft to deliver messages or get the attention of the majority towards a certain message using strategically placed patterns, designs and colour schemes (Eskilson, 2007)
When talking about modern age of graphic design, Lester Beall’s name can simply not be ignored. Born in 1903, Lester is regarded as the pioneer of the modernist movement of graphic design. Born in an era when America was being transformed into a global superpower, Lester’s wok can clearly be seen as progressive with strong patriotic tones. Having a PhD. in the history of fine arts, Lester is known to deliver a strong message to the masses with his designs with America being his primary audience. Yet the most striking factor

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