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Nature versus Nurture is an age old debate in Psychology. Nature vs Nurture relates to an individuals behaviour and characteristics and whether they are inherited through their DNA and genes, which can be seen as an innate approach to the debate.This is because innatism believes that the mind is born with all knowledge.Nurture states our behaviour and characteristics are learned through our environment and experiences, This therefore can be seen as empiricist approach as empiricism states that we are born a blank slate and everything we know is learned through our senses. Reproductive behaviour looks at how patterns are established and formed to continue the survival of humanity. Reproductive behaviour can fall under either Nature or Nurture …show more content…

As there isn’t one particular reason why a human may be homosexual, There are theories why homosexuality occurs in behaviourism, social learning theory and psychoanalysis. Social Learning theory suggests sexuality is learned through symbolic interactionalism and there is three parts in shaping sexuality , our social norms and history, our relationships and a persons expectations. The seduction hypothesis is also part of social learning theory and suggests that an older person may seduce a younger person into homosexuality. this is because social learning theory states that our peers influence our behaviours due to this many homosexuality trials in the Victorian era across the UK including one which led to the imprisonment of Oscar Wilde were influenced by the seduction hypothesis. Although there is no evidence to support this hypothesis it even influenced UK Legislation from 1988 until 2003 , banning state schools from teaching children about homosexuality. This legislation was brought into act when homosexuality was against many social norms due to the increase in the HIV/AIDS virus, this legislation was therefore seen as an attack on the LGBT community. Freud's psychoanalytic theory also attempted to explain homosexuality Freud believed that the root of all behaviours were due to our unconscious minds therefore homosexuality can be due to negative childhood experiences such as a negative relationships these experiences are then repressed in our unconscious mind. Freud stated these male homosexuality could be caused due to a father being distant from his son or closeness to a mother. Overall, psychoanalytic theory suggests that our behaviour is influenced by two motivations that ultimately create conflict within an individual the “Thanatos” creates aggression, sadism and our fear or death, In contrast our “Eros” which creates love,

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