Liberal Vs Conservative Side

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Personally, I would not say I’m either Conservative or Liberal. Yet, there are some cases on both sides that I tend to agree with. The issues I strongly believe in liberally are Health care and the Death Penalty. As on the Conservative side, I strongly agree with Abortion and affirmative action. Liberals believe more in Government actions. They mainly rely on the Government to resolve their problems, which I don’t have a problem with because, as a government I think it is your job to lessen the need of the people. I suppose the role of the government should be to assure that no one is in need. It is the Government’s responsibility to provide healthcare for its citizens. There are millions of people who can’t manage to pay for health care insurance, so everyone should be able to have access to health care. Citizens shouldn’t be deprived of that basic right. I believe there should be the same care opportunities for all, regardless of the people’s capability to pay. As for the Death Penalty, I truly think it should be put to an end. Personally, as a Christian, I know that it’s wrong to take away another human being’s life. God says “You shall not kill.” It …show more content…

When it comes to abortion, I think the person having the baby should be able to make her own decision on whether she wants to keep the baby or not, but I don’t think abortion should be an option because again, that’s taking a human being’s life away. I understand that sometimes many women get raped, or they’re not mentally, physically, or economically ready to have a baby but why can’t they say they’ll give up the baby for adoption? There are many families unable to have kids. Why does abortion have to be the answer? I do agree with conservatives that human life begins at formation and that abortion is the murder of a human

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