Life Changing Experiences

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Have you ever faced a life changing experience that has impacted other people and maybe even your country? Melba Beals, Jackie Robinson and Feng Ru have all faced life changing experiences and changed people 's lives across the nation in different but powerful ways. This essay will be discussing all of these stories “Warriors Don’t Cry” by Melba Beals, “I Never Had it Made” by Jackie Robinson and “The Father of Chinese Aviation” by Rebecca Maksel and how all of these people have faced life changing experiences and changed their country and lives. The first novel is “Warriors Don’t Cry” by Melba Beals. Melba Beals was an African American hero because she helped more African Americans get education. Her actions in ending segregation was …show more content…

The last person and autobiography is about Feng Ru in “The Father of Chinese aviation”. Feng Ru has faced some big life changing experiences which most of the time set him back in his work and progress in building planes but his determination that Feng Ru showed were motivational he made it through and changed many lives and his nation China. A life changing experience to America because there he made an airplane company built his airplanes and learned all his mechanical knowledge. Moving to America really challenged Feng because there was natural disasters that destroyed his shops and he wanted to keep his plane a secret so it was hard to keep it a secret in America. In paragraph six it states,”San Francisco’s massive earthquake and resulting fire forced him to relocate to Oakland instead, where, funded by local Chinese businessmen, Feng erected his workshop—a 10- by eight-foot shack. Jammed into this small space were tools, books, journals, mechanical projects, aircraft parts—and Feng himself, who rarely finished work before 3 a.m.” So this proves that America’s natural causes really challenged Feng and set him back. In paragraph nine it states,”So anxious was Feng to keep his invention secret that he had the engine castings made by different East Coast machine shops, then assembled the parts himself.” This was also a struggle for Feng because keeping his plane a secret made it hard for him because he had to assemble the parts and order each one from different people. Going to america caused Feng to grow very much because America is where he learned all his mechanical knowledge at jobs. In paragraph 4 it states,”So he went east to learn all he could about machines, working in shipyards, power plants, machine shops, anywhere he could acquire mechanical knowledge.” So this shows this is where he learned and built machines. In addition it states in paragraph seven it states,”In this tiny spot, the self-taught engineer established the Guangdong Air Vehicle

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