Life In The Trenches Monologue

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BOOM,BANG once again I was out in the mists and horrors of this bloody war. People dying as we moved forward. Everyone you knew obliterated into nothing. Not one day goes by that I can’t forget the vanquished faces that fell before my feet ,as I watched them I could do nothing about it . When we left our village ,we were so proud and exuberant about going to war.We were blinded by the encouragement from all our loved ones, that we didn’t really know what we were getting our selves into. As we got closer to our deaths we soon realized war was not what we hoped it to be, but it was a road to the depths of hell ,and there was no way to turn back. All the lads were scared including my self. Months had gone by, our numbers were decreasing one by one as we moved to the trenches. The smell was revolting,overwhelming,obnoxiouse, men used them as wash rooms, there were rats everywhere scurrying beneath our feat , people had caught diseases like trench foot and it was uncomfortable to rest. Sometimes we would be attacked by gas and there was no room for us to move. Additionally ,when there was a gas attack we would have so little room to escape that most of our men died.…show more content…
You have no idea how scared I am, I cant sleep, I cant eat, all I can think about is, if we put our guard down for even 1 second we might be ambushed and killed. To conclude this war is very long and I cant bare the trenches anymore and I want to come home as soon as possible. Love you very much, looking forward to seeing you. Your sincerely James

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