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Discoveries can be both challenging and rewarding Introduction In the Life of Pi, Ang lee uses imaginative realism and metaphorical language to display Pi’s strong spiritual nature and will to live. Life of Pi is a film that is mainly based on fantasy and imaginative realism where the main character (Piscine Molitor Patel) experiences challenging and rewarding discoveries. Throughout the film, Pi navigates through hardships and spiritual awakenings in order to survive 227 days on a lifeboat with a bengal tiger. Pi runs into many physical and mental challenges whilst stranded, and, at times, loses hope and accepts his expected fate. Body (2 scenes, 2 themes) Finding god during the storm The opening scene of the camera slowly panning across the zoo with various religious paintings in the background symbolises the protagonists strong religious views towards vishnu and hinduism. The non diegetic music paired with the surreal wandering of the animals in the backdrop suggests the film will involve challenging and rewarding spiritual discoveries. As the Japanese tsim tsum ship sinks …show more content…

Pi leaps up and hopes that help has finally come and his discovery will be coming to a close. He soon realises the aggression and violence of the storm and recognises the challenges ahead. One of the outstanding themes in this scene is the nature of religious belief. These spiritual beliefs are motivating Pi to continue his journey in order to complete his toilsome discovery. Although Pi has already lasted hundreds of days stranded out in the never ending ocean, he rises up and uses all his energy to give one more push to reach out to this higher spiritual power. “Praise be to God, Lord of All Worlds, the Compassionate, the merciful” ,“It’s beautiful… Where are you, Richard Parker? You have to see

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