Lion Savanna Animal

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One of the biggest fearless cats is the Lion. They live in the African Savanna with the rest of the savanna animals. Lions are 420 pounds and 39ft. Lions have tan fur. Believe it or not it is actually cooler in the summer by a few degrees or so. In the savanna it’s tropical range is 68 to 86 degrees. In the winter it averages about 68 to 78 degrees. Their territory is in scrubs, grasslands and or open woodlands. Lions that live in the wild live to around 12 years. Lion’s need their pack, food, and their night vision. Lions need their pack to hunt and protect territory (biotic). Lions need food to survive(biotic). They need night vision for hunting at night (abiotic). They need night vision because their eyes are 6 times more sensitive than humans eyes. Lion’s are the biggest carnivore animals found in Africa. Every lion has to adapt itself physically and behaviorally to survive in a particular environment. Lions eat any animal they can find. Depending on if they are hunting alone or with a pack. If they hunt with a pack then they hunt for bigger animals. If they are hunting alone then they hunt smaller animals.…show more content…
Savannas are actually hotter than a desert. The difference between a desert and a savanna is next to a forest. Lions need packs to survive, if they don’t have a pack it is harder for them to survive. Interesting Facts: Lions also hum when they are content and make a puffing sound when they are approach each other with good intentions A Lion’s roar can be heard from 8

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