Felidae Essays

  • Animal Felines Research Paper

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    I will be conducting my research paper on animals. Not all animals but specifically the Felidae family. For those who don’t know what a Felidae is, it’s the biological name for the family of cats. In the word Felidae you can see the (feli) as it is short for feline which is another word for cat. There are about 36 species of felines in this family consisting of cats such as domestic cats all the way to the big cats such as Lions and Tigers. These felines originate all over the world such as Africa

  • Snow Leopard Research Paper

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    The Snow Leopard Name: Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) Description: The Snow Leopard weighs between 27-55kg. They have a short body, which measures between 75cm-150cm. They are quite stocky, with a shoulder height of approximately 60cm. Snow Leopards have a thick coat of long fur, which ranges in color from whitish gray, to yellow tan. They have spots that range from dark grey to black covering their body. Range/Habitat: The Snow Leopard resides in Central Asia, in 12 specific countries including

  • Siberian Tiger Research Paper

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    The organism i will be doing is a Siberian Tiger. The Siberian Tiger is the largest cat in the world. They have been around for many years and are closely related to lions, snow leopards, jaguars, and panthers. Tigers are apex predators that usually prey on deer. They are usually found in Asia. Some of the great adaptations that a tiger has striped fur, light filtering eyes, good hearing, sharp teeth, and sharp claws. The striped fur on the tiger helps the tiger blend in with its environment. The

  • My Cat Has Changed My Life Essay

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    How my Cat has Changed my Life I remember the day that I got my cat. My family has many cats. But this one is mine. This cat chose me, over everyone else. I Remember driving with my mother and brother to my friend’s house to pick her up. Arriving at the house I saw a thin, sick little kitten. But she had spunk. Looking at her, I knew what we were going to be best friends. Before bringing her to the vet I decided that her name should be Sassy, because whenever she looks at anyone she looks like she

  • Analysis Of The Cats Of Meowism

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    The Cats of Meowism is a religion of contentedness and self-love. Followers of Cats of Meowism, referred to as Kittens, are striving to live their human lives as Cats do. Cats are all gods and goddesses meant to be worshipped every day. The sacred text that contains all necessary information to properly live as a good Kitten, named the Holy Book of Meowism. The overall purpose of the Holy Book of Meowism, is too show all Kittens how to practice, live, and worship properly for not only a content and

  • Tonkinese Cats

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    A Tonkinse description and coats of many colours Tonkinese cats are beautiful, elegant and of Foreign type. They are considered moderate in that they have no extreme features. Their build is lithe and well balanced, firm and muscular with an elegant body on slender legs and neat oval paws all in exquisite proportion to each other. They have slightly rounded chests and their flanks are level. Their back rises gently from their shoulders to their rump demonstrating a truly elegant predator's body

  • Essay On Panda

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    Overview The Ailuropoda melanoleuca ( black and white cat-footed bear) or also known as “giant panda” belongs to the family Ursidae with the other bears despite of morphological similarities with the raccoons. These mammalian species are endemic to southern China. They live most likely in cold places and mountains. These creatures have flat face with black eye patches and a barrel-like body covered with velvet black and white furs which make them immensely charismatic. They have a modified wrist

  • Panthera Leo's Social Behaviors

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    The African lion, whose scientific name is Panthera Leo, is a social carnivorous mammal. Female lions live in prides where most of them stay through their life spam unless another pride takes over and divides them as a result. Male lions, in contrast, tend to be nomadic and form associations with other male lions that will help them succeed in taking over other prides for the purpose of reproducing. Not many studies that focus on the social behaviors of African lion have been conducted. For this

  • Black Bears Research Paper

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    BEARS Did you realize that a bear can almost weigh as much as a car and can be strong enough to break parts off of a variety of items? Although they’re shy and easily frightened, you should maintain a distance. How big is a bear? For instance, a bear weighs around 500 to 900 lbs. Also bears can become around five feet long when a bear is full grown. Plus a bear 's paw exists to be around two feet long at the max. Also, they are one of the top ten largest mammals on earth.

  • Curt Vonnegutt Cats Cradle Quotes

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    Cats cradle The book Cats Cradle by Curt Vonnegutt repeatedly mentions the game the Cats Cradle. Cats Cradle is an old children 's game that makes use of a string of yarn and two people for entertainment. Early documentation of it is from the 1850s but it is likley it existed as long ago as ancient China. First we will more into the game the Cats Cradle and how it is played, next we will look into what Vonnegutt uses it for in the book, and finally we will look at specific details of the quotation

  • Argumentative Essay On Hairless Cats

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    Mary Gladbach Mr. Bergmann Honors English P2 10 October, 2016 Hairless Cats When someone mentions hairless cats, you probably think of wrinkly little aliens eating kibble out of a dish or hiding under the bed, plotting your demise. Hairless cats are often seen as uglier, creepier versions of their brothers and sisters, the common housecat, but the differences between the two are vast and staggering. The hairless cat’s origins are as unique as their breed, which has many comparable differences

  • Lion Vs Cougars

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    Running like the wind the animal passes a zeal, a group of Zebras. Chasing its huge prey ,is it a Lion or a Cougar ? The creatures are very alike, but their differences are very animated . Lions and Cougars have similar diets and are both wildcats , however due to their differences they have very different features . Both Lions and Cougars have similar diets ,due to their miscellaneous habitats. They eat similar animals with medium body shapes , fury backs , and are usually larger than them. The

  • Symbolism In Coraline By Neil Gaiman

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    The cat in the book “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman, is a very mysterious entity; he is one of the few entities that we know of that can travel from the regular world to the other world; as well as one of the few entities that help guide Coraline in her eerie adventure among both worlds. That cat symbolizes a mentor in the novel. Nevertheless, the cat at the beginning of the novel openly declares that he doesn't require a name because, simply, “cats don't have names.” (35) However, later in the novel

  • Lynx Research Paper

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    A lynx is any of the four species within the Lynx genus of medium-sized wild cats. The name "lynx" originated in Middle English via Latin from the Greek word λύγξ, derived from the Indo-European root leuk- ("light, brightness") in reference to the luminescence of its reflective eyes. A lynx’s keen vision earns this cat legendary status in the myths of many cultures. In Greek, Norse, and North American myths, the lynx sees what others can’t, and its role is revealing hidden truths. The lynx

  • Essay About Ocelot

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    Interest facts about the Ocelot The ocelot may look like a large house cat but do not mistake it for its domesticated relative, however this cat is actually a wildcat, being about twice the size of a house cat on average. The word ocelot originates from the word “tlalocelot” which is an Aztec word that translates to field tiger. They are also referred to as painted leopards and dwarf leopards, however in real fact they are more closely related to the small cats as compared to tigers and leopards

  • Cat's Five Senses Essay

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    Cats do have excellent adaptations when it comes to senses. When we say adaptations, these are the anatomical changes in an organism’s body that comes with a function to aid in the efficiency of an organism’s lifestyle. Since cats are known to be predators, the adaptations of their sharp senses aid them on focusing on their prey as well as detecting dangers around them. In this paper, I will be discussing to you the mechanisms of each of the cat’s five senses including its significance on a cat’s

  • Eurasian Lynx Research Paper

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    Eurasian Lynx Throughout my life I haven’t known anything about an animal called the lynx, I’ve seen pictures and a couple of videos but I really didn’t know anything about them. Many questions went unanswered, until this research paper. Questions like, what are their physical characteristics, what is their behavior like, what kind of environment do they live in and their life cycle. The Eurasian Lynx is a wild cat found all over Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and has been reintroduced to the forest

  • Short Eared Owl Research Paper

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    The short-eared owl resides in Pennsylvania and is protected and endangered under the Game and Wildlife Code. The can be found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. The most common time they can be found is in the winter. The population of these animals range from year to year depending on the prey densities. They can be found in the Piney Tract Important Bird area in Clarion County. They are often found in farmlands and wetlands throughout the state as well. This species is rare to

  • Calico Cats Essay

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    Calico is not a breed, but a name for cats with a specific coat pattern. Calico cats are those which have fur in three colors: white, black and orange. They appear in many different breeds, including Manx, Persian, and domestic short-hair cats. Calico cats are mostly female. This is explained by genetics – the color of the coat is tightly connected to sex. It depends upon the X chromosome, which in the case of cats, is coded to give either orange or black fur. The white color comes from other genes

  • Leopard Seal Research Paper

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    Introduction Have you ever wondered what leopard seals are? Leopard seals are a kind of seal that live in the Antarctic. They are considered fierce predators where they live. They eat penguin, fish, squid, smaller seals and the baby leopard seals eat krill. Leopard seals also have predators of their own. Their predators are global warming, sharks, killer whales, and humans. Leopard seals got their name from their spotted coat. They are the second largest seal in the Antarctic. What are Leopard