Literary Criticism Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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The articles concept of the literary criticism of night is to give an opinion on how the book, Night was written. The overall viewpoint from the critics of the book was that it was not thoroughly written in complete detail nor did it show depth of the main character, but it was imaginative and an intriguing autobiography mixing facts with a little a bit of hallucination. Many of the authors compared Wiesel’s work to other famous authors and poets like Anne Frank and John Donne, saying that it focuses on the connections and experiences of the camp and how Elie went through a traumatizing time in his life that has changed him forever like Anne Frank did. In addition, the article explains why the novel is important in sharing the interpretation of the holocausts with many people since the novel is very popular. The authors all agree that Wiesel’s work and his technique in writing the autobiography was a big accomplishment stating that it is hard to turn graphic horrific events into a literary form and make it aesthetically pleasing to people who want to learn more about life during the holocaust.

The article states that many authors believe that the book night is well written but it doesn’t go into deep details about the development of the main character, it focuses more on the relationships with people in the novel. W.H Hager declares “The author’s style is precise and brief; he catches a person or scene in a sentence”, (Critical Overview of Night). He believes that the article is good enough to paint a picture in someone’s mind; it’s accurate on the experiences but the book is simple and short and doesn’t explore the topic of character evolution. He …show more content…

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