Literature Review: Factors And Causes Of Migration In Ghana

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2.0. LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1. Migration Migration can be defined as "the movement of people from one place to another" (Fadeyi, A.O, 2009). There are two main types of migration: first, internal migration, i.e. migration within a country, and secondly international migration, which means the movement from one country to another. International migration also comes in two parts, Emigration (Leaving one’s country to live in another) and immigration (Coming into another country to live permanently). Ghana specifically experiences both types of migration., For internal migration, most people from the three Northern Regions (Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions of Ghana) migrate mostly to Accra the capital city of Ghana and Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti Region. They come with the objective of getting lucrative jobs other than the farming they were doing in their villages. On the contrary, the agents who lure these people down south, engage them in prostitution and a very common job called “Kayaye” (Head porter i.e. carrying of people 's goods on the head at a fee.). Women are the most known victims of this situation. The situation is not different for international migration. The reasons for migration can be divided into two main aspects, the “push" and "pull" factors. The push factors focus on situations that force people to migrate from their home country to another country. For example, civil wars, political instability like those experienced in Burundi,

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