Literature Review On Social Undermining

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CHAPTER # 02 LITERATURE REVIEW Social undermining Various researchers have defined social undermining as expression of negative and unfavourable actions and emotions towards a specific person or group with an aim to prevent that individual/s to achieve their goals and their ability to accomplish their work or to build and maintain positive relationships(Duffy, Gangster, & Pagon, 2002). Social undermining is usually show in shape of certain anger or negative feelings (Joseph et al., 2011) but the consequences of these arise in form of negative negative outcomes. Undermining behaviors continuously reduce the constructive outcomes of the victim, ultimately leading to destructive consequences on employee well being (Duffy, Scott, Shaw, Tepper & Aquino, 2012). Social undermining is initiated by the negative intentions of the aggressor towards the victim. Social undermining is can be done both from seniors and colleagues at workplace, both have the different level of intensity and impact on the well being of the victim. The unintentional actions of the superior and colleagues that cause stress do not fall in the category of social undermining. Hence the behaviours where intentions are not proved does not fall in to the category of social undermining (Duffy, Ganster & Pagon, 2002). Stress Stress variable is defined as a situation in which individual gets negative input from environment (Schuler, 1980; Lazarus, 1990; Tennant, 2001; Fink, 2009). In case the individual

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