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Book Report 1. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow is 365 pages 2. In the exposition Marcus, our main character, is portrayed as a below average school student who gets in trouble all the time by messing with computers. Along the way we are greeted to Darryl, and Van. Two of Marcus’s best friends. In the rising action they all decide to skip school to play a videogame that requires them to walk around their town of San Francisco to collect clues to solve a puzzle. At the same time they were collecting clues, terrorists blew up a bridge near their location, the Department of Homeland Security arrested them for being a suspected terrorist. In prison, Marcus is forced to give up all the privacy he once thought he had. After he is released he makes a vow to take down the DHS. In the climax, he participates in a music…show more content…
One of the mental struggles of the main character, Marcus, is when he is in for questioning, does he give up his privacy to the DHS, or does he refuse, making him look more like a criminal. One of the moral struggles Marcus is faced with is if he should is if he should be honest with his parents and telling them he skipped school the day of the attack. Finally, one of the emotional struggles of Marcus, is when he is faced with the dilemma of leaving some of his best friends behind to take down the DHL, or to stay with them because they are his best friends. 4. “I barely had time to register them before those rifles were pointed at me. I’d never looked down a barrel of a gun before, but everything you 've heard about the experience is true. You freeze where you are, time stops, and your heart thunders in your ears. I opened my mouth, then shut it, then, very slowly, I held my hands up in front of me.” (39-40). In this passage, Marcus is about to be captured for being a suspected terrorist. I believe the author was trying to convey the emotion of fear. I believe the author was successful for this because they describe what is happening in great
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