Lizzie Borden Argumentative Essay

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It is a fact that there are approximately 16,238 murders a year. That is 44 murders a day. Not to mention 14.7% of these murders are committed by females. It can be inferred that Lizzie Borden committed these crimes due to the items found at the crime, all of the evidence points to Lizzie, and the fact that Lizzie and Emma Borden may have wanted some of their father’s money. Evidence found at the place of the crime can give investigators clues to who committed the crime. For example, investigators can find footprints, fingerprints, or even the murder weapon. In fact, a hatchet was found on property, which detectives believe is the murder weapon(Allard,2013). This is important because the hatchet gives clues to who committed the crimes. …show more content…

Some people may say Lizzie iwas a wonderful woman. But was she really? For example, researchers make sense when they say Lizzie was to sweet of a woman to do such a thing,but she was actually a little crazy.In fact, she tried to by poison to kill her parents(Allard,2013). This shows that the people who think Lizzie is not crazy are wrong.In addition, despite the validity of investigators when they claim that Bridget Sullivan committing the crime,they miss the mark when it comes to the truth because all of the evidence points to Lizzie. As a matter of fact, Lizzie burned a dress with ' 'paint ' ' on it after the murders(Burning That Dress, 1893). This shows that Lizzie most likely committed the crime because it may of not been paint. Futhermore, detective make sence when they say Emma had nothing to do with the murders, but Lizzie and Emma could have planned their parents death to get their father 's inheritence. In fact, the hatchet used in the murders could not be found in any local hardware-store(Their Murder Stole In, 1892). This means Emma could have given Lizzie the murder weapon. After all, the people who think Lizzie did not do it are wrong. ll It seems that Lizzie commtitted these brutal crimes due to the things found at the crime,all of the evidence that points to Lizzie, and the fact that Lizzie and Emma may have wanted their father 's money.This is one of the most famous crimes in the USA; top ten in Massachusetts. The main reason people are still talking about this crime today is because it has never

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