Loosing Chains: A Short Story

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Loosing Chains She noticed him immediately. It was just like the first time. His tall, lean stature made him visibly stand out in a crowd drawing your attention towards him, but it’s his charming, boyish smile, his dancing brown eyes and the subtle hint of a five-o-clock shadow that lures you, almost teasing you to dare to look away. A slim, blond woman steps up next to him, hooks her arm into his, girlishly giggling at something he said. Hayley’s eyes narrows as she feels the heat rising in her chest. The church hall is closing in on her and the chatter of the other guests mixed with the light music in the background is creating a mashup of sounds in her ears becoming too loud to even think. Furiously she turns around on her heels, setting …show more content…

“O my, I am so sorry.” The foreign accent sounds strange amidst the local mixtures surrounding her and for a moment she is drawn back to the present. Offering her a napkin, the bearded man profusely …show more content…

May you long, happy marriage.” Hayley collapses into a chair standing in the corner and breathe a sigh of relief. “Quite the fiery lady, aren’t you?” Almost throwing her wine over her dress again, she swears and looks up. The bearded foreigner takes a seat next to her. “I quite enjoyed your speech. It was, how should I put it? Interesting.” An Irish accent. His eyes scans her face and Hayley starts feeling uncomfortable. “The green dress suits you better.” “Excuse me?” She is starting to feel annoyed. What it this man’s problem? “The green brings out your eyes.” Hayley picks up her wine glass and without looking at him slides of the chair, when Emma suddenly appears next to her. “Oh, wonderful, you two have already met.” Ignoring him, Hayley turns to Emma. “I’m sorry, Em. I didn’t mean to go on like that.” Emma just shoves it off. “Someone should give Justin a decent warning. There is no messing with me.” She laughs. “Anyway, enough of that.” She turns towards the foreigner. “Niall, this is Hayley, my best friend in the whole wide world. As I told you she is passionate and takes nonsense from no one.” Niall smiles and stretches out his hand. “That is quite obvious.” Annoyed, Hayley ignores his outstretched

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