Lorax And Easter Island: A Literary Analysis

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In the two stories “The lorax” and “Easter Island” there are lots of differences and similarities. Both stories have environmental issues dealing with trees and air quality. The environment in each story became a wasteland and was eventually polluted by trash. Once-ler in the lorax story and the Polynesians in the Easter island story tried to protect the environment but both failed to do so, all natural resources were lost and everything went downhill from there.

First, in “The lorax” an environmental issue was the air quality. In the beginning of the story the land had clean air, healthy trees and a sustainable environment but soon turned into a lonely place covered in pollution and the lifeless haze of abandonment. Once-ler in “the lorax” cut down all of the trees to make his thneeds and didn’t replant the truffula tree seeds. The same thing happened on Easter Island, the Polynesians used the Hauhau and Toromiro trees to help transport their gigantic stone heads across the islands and soon all of the trees were gone. By doing that, thee land in “the lorax” and in “Easter Island” ended up empty and lonely. The air was not clean anymore and the land was trashed by pollution and animals did not have any place to live each day. …show more content…

Both were due to humans who did short term interests of individuals versus long term interests of civilization and the Earth itself. Once difference was that in “the Lorax”, all the environment issues were due to the Once-ler’s factory. In the story “Easter Island” the environments issues were due to the cutting down of the trees and eating of all the food sources on the island. Once-ler polluted the water by dumping all the trash from the factory. On Easter island they started cannibalism because they used all of their resources from competing with each other on who carved the best

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