Lord Of The Flies Conch Analysis

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, the conch represents law, order, power and Piggy. Being broken down slowly throughout the story, the Conch is fragile. Therefore, when it was time for the conch to protect Piggy, the conch did not have much importance civilization had completely broken down. All the boys on the island only listened to what Jack had to say. Jack made the boys believe his “rituals” are controlling all the beasts on the island. Which frightened the boys and eventually forces them to do what Jack wants. The boys turn out to be savages under Jack 's control and the conch’s importance is broken down. Which is a result of civilization being destroyed. Since the coach 's role is to allow all the boy 's opinions to be heard. However, Jack is the one all the boys listen to since the fear Jack has built in the boys. The conch losing its importance leads to the boys becoming savages and stealing Piggy 's glasses. When the boulder was rolling down Ralph is able to recognize and move away. However, Piggy is not sure about what is heading his away and Piggy is struck by the “boulder” and conch “exploded into pieces”. Civilization is completely broken down when Piggy is struck by the boulder. Since the conch is also broken down and flows with Piggy in the river. If Jack 's hunters had not been savages, Piggy would have been alive among the boys. Moreover, the boys knew that Piggy’s glasses had been stolen. None of the boys stood against Jack and ask for Piggy 's glasses to
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