Los Solidos Gang By Wilfredo Benitez

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The important people, in this case, was the victim, Elias Santana, a member of the Neta gang. Wilfredo Benitez is a member of Los Solidos gang and claimed to have witnessed the murder. Benitez also mentioned that they saw Will and Hueso beating up the victim and saw Will giving Hueso the gun and Hueso shoots the victim in the chest. Angel Carrasquillo (Hueso) is a member of Los Solidos gang and robbed and fought with the victim every time he saw him. Carrasquillo is also known for being armed and capable of the murder. Willie Torres is a member of Los Solidos gang and fought with the victim at Baby Park and claimed that the victim pulled a gun out on him. Torres ran away from the victim and was in the car with Ivan. Carlos Negron (Menor) and Ivan (BeBe) are members of the Los Solidos gang and were in the car driving around looking for the victim. …show more content…

A gang-related crime means either the offender or victim is a part of a gang. The members in Los Solidos mentioned that Elias bragged about taking over Park Street because he was a member of the Netas. Angel also said that eventually, it became “Neta v Solido beef” because both groups would always either fight or rob each other.
This incident was gang motivate because everyone associated with the murder of Elias is a member of Los Solidos gang. A gang motivated crime means individuals from a gang committed the crime. Most of the people interviewed stated that they either fought or robbed Elias at least once.
However, this incident was not self-directed because three men were involved in his murder. A self-directed crime is if a single gang member committed the crime of his or her own. The trio admitted to punching the victim. They assaulted him by kicking and punching him, and one member shot and killed

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