Louis Armstrong's Role In Jazz Music

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Louis Armstrong was the most important soloist to emerge in jazz, he became one of the world most influential musician in history. Because of his styles and who he was made him different from everyone else. He wasn’t just a trumpet player but also a vocalist as well and a very good one at that. His upbringing played a major role into what made him the man who he was, also all the connection he made and had.
I chose to do this essay over one of the greatest Jazz musicians of all time Louis Armstrong. He was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans. In one of the poorest places in New Orleans named the battlefield. Growing up he had an difficult life. His father who worked but abounded his family while he was still a child and mom being a prosecute made life very hard. What really started his path down the road to music was this one night on New Years Eve in 1912. He had fired his stepfather gun into the air and when he did that he was immediately arrested and sent to Colored Homes for Boys. There is where he received musical instructions on the cornet and where he began to love music. He was then released in 1914 which he immediately began dreaming of a life making music.
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Then he decided to mentor young Louis Armstrong showing him the ropes on the cornet helping him become a better player. Armstrong reputation as a musician continued to grow even more. He replaced his own mentor Oliver in the Kid Ory’s band, which was the most popular band in New Orleans. He spent his summers playing riverboats with a band lead by Fate. Their on the riverboat is where Armstrong perfected his music reading skills and where he made connections with other Jazz
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