Achilles In Iliad

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When studying epics like Homer’s “Iliad,” the question of why these stories are still relevant in today’s society, is often posed. The simple answer to this question is that Homer perfectly captures the human emotions through love and loss. One of the most relatable moments in this epic is Achilles refusal to return to the battlefield, as it shows the conflicting societal expectation and personal desire. In a society build on the glorification of personal achievement, it become tremendously difficult to dedicate oneself to anything else.
Achilles is historically thought of as a great warrior; however, it is often forgotten that behind his tough exterior and military accomplishments there is a sensitive young man being faced with difficult …show more content…

Achilles mentions, “The son of Atreus treated me like dirt in public, as if I were some worthless tramp” (page 177, line 670). Achilles brings this up because he was publicly stripped of the spoils of war, but Agamemnon is attempting to apologize out of the view of Achilles’ peers. He is separating himself from a situation that makes him unhappy, and is being criticised for being a coward after fighting for 9 years. Achilles has nothing to gain from a victory over Troy, and yet he fights for spoils he has no use for, but after having the few things he has gained in the course of the war taken away he lost faith in the warriors mindset. The people around you can have a huge impact on how you perform in a certain task, I have had teachers who believed that I could do know wrong and had wonderful experiences in those classes. However, the opposite is also true, if a leader does not think about the toll they exact on you, it becomes easier to step aside and no longer participate. I once had a theater teacher who would require a larger time commitment, which I agreed to, but when I was not allowed to be on the stage despite working tirelessly on everything that was asked of me, it became apparent that my teacher did not respect me or my time. In this situation, I had to take myself out of the class in order to spare my own feelings as well as leave a positive environment for the rest of the class. Achilles does the same thing in the “Iliad,” because if he had to continue fighting the trojans while enraged by his commanding office, he could have let his temper spread to the other Greek

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