Lucille Ball: A Woman

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What does it take to be a revolutionary figure? Is it their innovative and great changes that they make in the world? Lucille Ball was a woman of many faces from an actor in movies to television, to being a model, and singer. Even though she was a woman of many talents, her most successful job was being a television star, where she paved a way for entertainment stars and for women. Lucille Ball not only changed the way we see entertainment, but also how we viewed the world with her contributions on television.
There have been few actors who have influenced the way we see a character while they act, but it’s not common to find one that also produces the show as well. Along with making a history making television show with its witty comedy, …show more content…

Even after the end of her hit television show Ball still pursued ventures, this venture would be to solely own her production company. “Returning to Hollywood, she bought out Arnaz 's interest in Desilu in 1962, and set about building up the faltering studio” (Brady). With her decision to buy out her husband’s share, Lucille Ball proved herself as a businesswoman. She persisted and set her mind to build up the weak company. As the president of the company she would present several long lasting and popular shows. “Ball was uncomfortable as company president but approved production of two groundbreaking shows, Mission Impossible and Star Trek” (Brady). Just at the start of her helm, Lucille Ball proved her many talents even when being uncomfortable. She took risks releasing new shows and made Desilu profitable again. Throughout her entire career Lucille Ball made intelligent business moves that defined how we viewed entertainment and the rights of women and what they can do.
Lucille Ball revolutionized entertainment and the world with her contributions to comedy behind the scenes and on camera. She came up with a lucrative idea that changed the face of entertainment with reruns. With her many ideas she also addressed women’s issues in the workforce in various episodes of I Love Lucy. Even after the end of her show she would prove to be a significant figure for being the first woman in the entertainment business to own her own production company. With so many contributions to the world with her innovative ideas and work for change for women how could she not be a

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