Luma Clarkson's Three Refugee Soccer Team

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In a very inspiring and touching true story about the 3 refugee soccer teams that all came from some of the toughest lives living in other countries. These boys became closer to each other as time passed and issues occurred every day of their lives in a small town with the name of Clarkson. Some of these boys had never experienced soccer before and had never played. But that changed when they moved to Clarkson in America and met a women named Luma.

Luma had always wanted to be independent and moved to America by herself away from her family who stayed behind in Jordan. She wanted to prove to her family that she could be independent, and that was very important to her. According to page 16 in the book Outcasts United, it states "Luma gave her parents the news by telephone: she was staying in the United States - not for a little while, but forever. Hassan al-Mufleh was devastated. " This quite shows the struggle that Luma had to go through as leaving her family and dealing with the devastated and angered family members. She was also cut-off from family funds so she was living all on her own in a new country of opportunity.

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The problem to soccer fields was later resolved when Luma was able to find a grassy and descent area that the boys could focus on only soccer and not get distracted by anything else around them. According to chapter 18, page # 144 it states "The boys could hardly believe their eyes when they showed up for their first practices in Milam Park." This page also later states" ...A thick blanket of soft green grass..." This was a new form of field for the team to play on after having to play on such a harsh field at the Indian Creek Elementary school that was practically all dust and dirt. With this new field, the team was able to get better at the game of soccer and focus on their challenges ahead. They had finally overcome one of the toughest struggles for their team, and found an amazing

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