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Lupus : Symptoms and Diagnosis, treatment.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack the healthy tissues in the human body. The immune system is partly made of white blood cells that fight off disease, in lupus white blood cells think that the healthy cells of the body are diseased, so they end up attacking healthy parts of the body. This results in inflammation and damage to the various parts of the body, particularly of the skin, joints, kidneys, heart, lung, blood vessels and brain.

Lupus disease is commonly found in women between the age group of 15 to 45year olds and occurs mostly in countries like African, American, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians. Men also get Lupus too. …show more content…

Dr Osler can also be “systematic” therefore it can also affect the whole body and not just any one part of the body after some months later periodically.

Lupus in the 20th Century.

Pathological definition of the Lupus disease began in the 1920’s and 30’s. It was 1940 when the pathologists at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York wrote a detailed description about the Lupus disease. It was Dr Paul Klemperer and his colleagues who found the medical term as “Collagen Disease” which later was changed through the modern classification of Lupus as the autoimmune disorder.

In 1949 Dr Philip Hench at the Mayo Clinic demonstrated that a newly demonstrated that a new demonstrated hormone called Cortisone was used to treat Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) patients and it also showed a dramatic result in saving lives.

In the 1950 the Lupus Erythematous Cell shown to be part of the (Antinuclear Antibody) reaction which directly led to development of the series of tests for antibodies which led the doctors and researchers know about about the disease in a wider manner. The tests which detect the antibodies which attack the nucleus cells are called “Fluorescent Tests”- Antinuclear …show more content…

the anti-DNA test for SLE is used still widely across the world even today. There are many other antibody tests available in clinical research and are useful in providing the best advice to the patients especially when planning a

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